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10 inch Square Plates 



Bio-degradable and eco-friendly handmade natural leaf plates and bowls, which are made from leaves of palash tree. This tree leaves have natural anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties with natural fragrance. Eating food from these is not only eco-friendly, but also healthy option.

Available in 3 categories in multiple sizes as per usage: Breakfast plates, lunch/dinner plates and soup bowls.

These leaf plates and bowls are used for family functions, family outings, public functions, festivals, cafes, restaurants, hospitals etc for having soup, snacks, breakfast, lunch/dinner etc.

All these leaf plates and bowls are made by women giving livelihood to many people and these are pro-environmental, saving the nature.

By buying these leaf plates, you are not only saving the nature, but also giving livelihood to many families and at the same time you are enjoying the food from the natural plates.



6 inch Square Plates 


 Made out of palm leaves sheath therefore Biodegrades naturally

Leaf Sheath is completely natural and is composed of over 70% cellulose, providing a highly oxygenated base for your raw fruit and vegetables

No chemicals or bonding agents are used in the making of these plates. Food Ware and is therefore completely odor free and your food will not be affected

 Versatile enough to meet your indoor or outdoor party needs. Comes in various sizes and shapes.