The Leaf Plates

Serve in Green 
Palm leaf plates 

What are leaf plates?

Leaf plates, a popular eco-friendly alternative to traditional dinnerware, are crafted from fallen leaves such as those from the Areca palm tree. These biodegradable plates are not only sustainable but also offer a unique and natural aesthetic to any dining experience.

The process of making leaf plates involves gathering fallen leaves, washing them, and then pressing them into the desired shape. The result is a beautiful, rustic plate with organic textures and earthy tones, perfect for outdoor gatherings or eco-conscious events

 Made out of palm leaves sheath therefore Biodegrades naturally Leaf Sheath is completely natural and is composed of over 70% cellulose, providing a highly oxygenated base for your raw fruit and vegetables.

No chemicals or bonding agents are used in the making of these plates. 

Food ware is therefore completely odor free and your food will not be affected Versatile enough to meet your indoor or outdoor party needs. 

Comes in various sizes and shapes.